Pro-Care of Nashville | Fiber Protector is the leader in Fiber and Fabric Protector.

Fiber ProTector: The World’s Most Advanced Environmentally Safe Fabric Protector


Furniture, Carpet, Rugs,Fabric, Leather, Wool, Cotton, Blinds, Curtains, Outdoor Gear


Homes, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cruise Ships,
Airplanes, Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Venues, Yachts, Trains, Buses, Automobiles


Stains, Sun, Wear/Tear, Bacteria, Fungus, Mold


Fiber ProTector just makes you happier because you know you have the best in carpet and fabric protection.

Home Owners Residential

Homeowners use Fiber ProTector® for a variety of areas. In part, some of the surfaces we protect include wall-to-wall carpet, headboards, mattresses, curtains, draperies, as well as upholstered chairs and couches. We treat both fabric and leather and protect all types of Area Rugs. These Rugs range from Oriental and Navajo to modern designer rugs. Our products preserve your investments and prolong the cleanliness of your home at the same time.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers use Fiber ProTector® to protect their clients’ investments for high end residential, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, institutions, shops, office environments, yachts, aircraft, trains, buses, theaters and concert venues. With Fiber ProTector®, Designers are able to use a variety of textiles that would otherwise be impractical, while simultaneously extending the life of their designs.

Fiber Protector has provided carpet and fabric protector treatment for SF Kino AS.
Fiber Protector has provided carpet and fabric protector treatment for Hilton Hotels.

Commercial Properties

Let Fiber ProTector® of Nashville help you put your best foot forward day after day when it comes to the cleanliness of your textiles. Fiber ProTector® products have been used all over the world in high end hotels restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, medical practices, assisted living facilities, public areas, and conference halls. In this modern day, textiles should be protected and cleaned for health just as much as appearance.

Luxury Private and
Corporate Aircraft

Fiber ProTector® products have been used on some of the most customized and luxurious textiles used in heads of state, royal, private and corporate VIP jets in the world. We have a special team of certified applicators ready to provide full cleaning and protection services at your location.

Dassault Falcon Jet chooses Fiber ProTector for all their standard carpet and fabric protector treatment

“We are very pleased with their professionalism, Our interiors look fresh and are easily maintained.”

Randi Norheim Executive

“We chose to make the Fiber ProTector our standard fabric protection treatment.”

Brandi Bradley Taylor Supervisor
Interior Design Dassault Falcon Jet

“Our custom hand built wool carpet is not complete until treated with Fiber ProTector.”

Paul V’Soske, Founder
PWV Custom Carpets

Let’s Fiber ProTector of Nashville Protect Your Biggest Investment

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